8 Original Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Plants

Plants have the gift of making a living, warm decor as well as the power to make our air healthier.

Here are 8 simple, accessible, and beautiful ideas to bring nature into your home!

1-Recycled bottles

Recycled bottles
Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Recycled vases and bottles of various sizes are brought together to create a beautiful composition. A few branches and leaves picked from the garden are inserted. Incredible simplicity for a magnificent result!

2-Hunting trophy made of branches

Hunting trophy made of branches
Image Source: Bored Panda

On a shield-shaped plate of wood, two small test tubes are inserted in which are placed two branches reminiscent of a deer’s antlers!

3-Pots of painted terracotta

Pots of painted terracotta
Image Source: Lauren Conrad

Personalize ordinary terracotta pots by covering them with white paint up to half of the pot.

It doesn’t matter if the line is not perfectly straight, it only adds to its charm!

4-Collection of teacups

Collection of teacups
Image Source: Buk & Nola

The collection of teacups that your grandmother left you will finally find its place in the sun. Gathered on shelves in their new role of cachepot, they will be admired by all!

5-Mismatched pot covers

Mismatched pot covers
Image Source: Framebridge

Choose a single variety of plants, in this case, the cactus, the whole will remain coherent and pleasing to the eye.

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6-A fairy garden in a Mason pot

A fairy garden in a Mason pot
Image Source: All Parenting

A magical craft to introduce children to botany!

Use a large Mason jar and let your imagination run wild to create a miniature world. A version with a small plastic dinosaur will delight your budding archaeologist.

7-Fiesta of colorful cacti

Fiesta of colorful cacti
Image Source: Brit + Co

An arrangement that makes you want sunshine! Mini colorful cacti are gathered in a large terracotta bowl with cheerful colors.

Take up the concept with succulents for a Californian look.

8-Cottage style do-it-yourself plant stand

Cottage style do-it-yourself plant stand
Image Source: ELLE Decor

You will need a slice of wood log and suede ribbons. Drill four holes in the wood. Thread a suede ribbon through the opening and tie it securely under the log with a knot. Join the four ribbons in a single knot. Then hang the whole thing on a decorative hook and place your beautiful plants on it!

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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