Differences Between Strawberries and Raspberries

Differences between strawberries and raspberries?  Who has not tasted these delicious fruits? But you have thought about what they differ. Before we continue to talk about their differences, let’s learn a little about their goodness.

Differences Between Strawberries and Raspberries
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The strawberry, its scientific name is Fragaria, from the Rosaceae family, is a bright red, succulent fruit. With it, you can prepare compotes, jams, ice cream, desserts, juices, smoothies, and custards.  Once they are ripe they should be kept in the refrigerator or in a cool place, it is not advisable to freeze them. Raspberries have the scientific name of Rubus idaeus, they are known as the strawberries of the forest, they are used in pastry making, they are also used to make liqueurs and jams.

What are the differences between strawberries and raspberries in terms of their nutritional contribution?

Differences between strawberries and raspberries? One of the main differences can be found in their nutritional contribution. Below are the most representative values between 100 gr of raspberry and 100 gr of strawberry. Raspberry has 4.68 gr. of fiber while strawberry only has 1.68 gr. As far as proteins the raspberry has a value of 1.31 gr and the strawberry 0.81 gr. While the vitamin C the strawberry has 54.93 gr and the raspberry 25 gr.

As for calcium, raspberry has 40 mg and strawberry 21.47 mg. The iron in raspberry 1 mg and strawberry 0.46 mg. As far as cholesterol is concerned, neither of them has and their caloric load is not significant.

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Other differences between strawberries and raspberries

Another difference between strawberries and raspberries that we can mention is that while strawberries do not tolerate being frozen because when thawed they lose a good amount of water. Raspberries can be frozen. While raspberries have an opaque red color, in some cases yellowish, strawberries have a beautiful bright red color.

Another significant difference is the size, while the strawberry its season is from March to July for the raspberry is from July to October.  As we could realize these two fruits that at first sight look so similar have marked differences especially in their nutritional values. Thus, the question at the beginning of the article “Differences between strawberries and raspberries?

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