How Can I Decorate With the Color Yellow?

Decoration should not always be a challenge when you have the right knowledge, especially if you want to do it with a specific color, in this case, we will focus on yellow. This is primarily because it does not require any mixture to create and can mean many positive things, which take full advantage of the decoration as we will be seeing.

It is usually the favorite of many people, mostly children, can be defined as a color that expresses youth, fun, beauty, creativity, intelligence, etc. To the being luminous and clear it is associated to the sun, through the years it was recognized by the old kings like an association to the light and the knowledge, for example, Apolo, of the Greek mythology was the God of the sun, also was called “century of the lights”, among others.

The color yellow as a decoration

This color is usually preferred among people to apply it as a decoration in the rooms of the home, from the main rooms to the most common ones such as the bathroom or the garage.

It is especially used as the main color in the living rooms and from this one, the decoration is made. Many main rooms are painted in yellow or its derivatives like gold due to the belief that it attracts money or simply because of its great attraction and they carry out the decoration as furniture, vases, etc., around this excellent primary color.

Examples of how to decorate with yellow

Currently, there is a tendency to use a specific color that stands out from the rest.

How Can I Decorate With the Color Yellow?
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

In this image, you can see how the attention is directed to the yellow furniture in the living room.

Everything else can be defined as complements, including the blue curtains and cushions which, despite being another striking color, the main one is yellow. Other details such as a lamp, a vase, an armchair and a book were also added to keep the attention on the color that is really important in this type of decoration: yellow.

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Simple decoration

How Can I Decorate With the Color Yellow?
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

This type of decoration is much simpler, but it has the main idea of attracting attention to the color yellow.

All furniture and other decorations have neutral colors such as dark/light gray, sand, light brown, white and beige, among which two yellow cushions stand out. It is simple, but very pleasing visually and a good alternative for those who have a certain budget.

Complex decoration

To make a movement a little more complex and risky we focus on the image that will be presented below.

How Can I Decorate With the Color Yellow?
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

The colors of the room are similar to the previous example, earth tones like light brown, sand, white and beige, the difference is that there is a more daring yellow in this room which is focused on the curtains, cushions, and armchairs. It is more eye-catching and is an incredible alternative for people who like to play a little more with colors.

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