Bring Freshness Into Your Home For Spring With These 6 Tips

As Winter finally came, let’s bring lightness, renewal, and freshness into our homes. Here are our ideas to inspire you to make sure that spring is everywhere in your home.

1- Bringing spring inside

Bringing spring inside
Image Source: Only Love Decor

Greenery and flowers, it breathes life! If you are not used to doing this, consider placing small vases containing a few flowers, a branch, or other forms of greenery in several places around the house. Even a single small branch filled with buds brings beauty and vibrancy to a setting! No vases? Any small glass, bottle, or another container (such as a Mason jar) will do just fine.

2- Changing fabrics

Changing fabrics
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It’s time to change your sheets, curtains, throws, covers, and blankets to lighter ones!

3- Adding greenery touches

Adding greenery touches
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Green patterned cushions add life! Other trendy colors for this spring: yellow (sunshine, daffodils, dandelions!), pale pink, and turquoise.

4- On the table

On the table
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For your spring tables, don’t hesitate to add color and flowers!

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5- The organization!

The organization!
Image Source: PopSugar

At the same time as the spring cleaning, take advantage of this opportunity to tackle some organizational and simplification projects! For example, you can identify items for sale at a garage sale (these are especially popular in the spring), sort books and other items in your library to get a more orderly look, or rearrange your pantry.

6- The smell of spring

The smell of spring
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After the “spicy” and heavier winter smells, we replace candles and potpourris for softer, more floral or fruity smells.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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