How to Create An Interior Garden

Do you dream of an indoor garden in your home? The Ideas of grandeur team tells you it’s possible!

To do so, you can opt for a composition of artificial plants arranged in a concrete structure.

To make the base of the garden, make a custom-made wooden structure and complete it using concrete that you will sculpt to give it a unique shape.

How to Create An Interior Garden
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The base can have several dimensions. All you have to do is adapt to space, the shape of the room, and your specific needs.

For plant and floral arrangements, we suggest that you always use artificial plants. In spite of prejudices, there are some very beautiful, high-quality ones. You must know how to choose them. They do not require any maintenance, except the occasional dusting. And they always remain beautiful. So you don’t have to wait for the bloom to make your garden beautiful! It is always at its best. The risk of water damage is also eliminated.

You could also opt for a natural design. But, in this case, care should be taken to properly seal the concrete.

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To install plants and flowers, you can use crushed granite that you place in the base before inserting the plants. But you could also use sand, natural stone, moss… Make sure everything stays in place.

The garden can be used to separate rooms, to delineate an open space (a driveway, for example), or to decorate the end of a kitchen island.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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