How to Hide Cables in Ceiling

Cables are often a nuisance in decoration, so we’ll show you how to hide cables in the ceiling. After we have decorated our entire home, the appliances and lighting come to spoil our efforts a little bit, but we will show you some creative ideas to deal with them.

How to Hide Cables in Ceiling
Image source: Pixabay

Ideas to hide cables

Sometimes we have a lamp on the ceiling that needs to be plugged in and the socket is in a lower area of the house. What we are going to get is a cable through the whole wall, which is unattractive. If we let our imagination go a little bit, we can create with the cable the outline of a city, which will be illuminated with the lamp that we will have on the ceiling.

Network of lights

This idea was taken from a European restaurant. Those who applied it knew how to hide cables in the ceiling because the cables of several bulbs were placed horizontally and harmoniously, leaving the bulb hanging from the ceiling. It creates a very nice light effect that you could apply in a room.

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Dummies made with bulbs and cables

If you need to light up a room and you are tired of the usual light bulb in the ceiling and the ugly cable that goes with it, this fun alternative for how to hide cables in the ceiling can be the solution. You will take a lamp holder and place small pieces of metal on the 4 ends of the cables, which will be the shoes and hands of our dummy.

The bulb will be the head. The fifth cable will be a kind of rope that our dolls hold until they reach the ceiling, where the main bulb is placed. Create the dolls that you think are convenient to disguise that cable that goes from the wall to the ceiling.


Garlands are a trend in decoration so we can not fail to adapt them for how to hide cables in the ceiling. If you have a cable hanging from the ceiling and you don’t know what to do with it, transform it into a garland. This is ready to be decorated with hearts and sheets of paper.    

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

Sources: Facilisimo