How to Properly Care for Potted Orchids

Greetings dear gardeners! Today I will teach you some tips on how to care for your potted orchids.

One of the most beautiful plants we can find on planet earth is the orchid, an unmistakable symbol that has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. This type of flower is very beautiful, hence its fame, besides being very simple to grow and maintain indoors (although it becomes essential to follow a series of basic instructions).

How to Properly Care for Potted Orchids
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Today we want to teach you how to take proper and adequate care of indoor potted orchids so that they can give a touch of natural beauty to our home.

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We start by choosing support that is suitable for the characteristics of the orchid since in the vast majority of cases we will need a stick, post, or firm support point to keep the orchid perfectly upright. Without this support, the orchid will gradually incline, due to the size of the flower, which due to its weight generates a natural curvature that with a support point we can avoid. After this we only need to choose the ideal place in the house to place the orchid, to do this we must imagine the amount of light it will receive. It is recommended that the orchid is placed near a window so that it can receive direct sunlight, especially in a window that is oriented to the east or south.

Finally, the only thing our orchid needs to grow and look more beautiful than ever is a good amount of water and food. We will water our orchids when we notice that the soil is dry since an excess of humidity will make the plant sick and die. We recommend using orchid fertilizers, since this way we will make sure that the food our plant receives is adequate for its species.

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