How to Remove Paint from Wicker Furniture

Some of the most popular garden furniture is made of materials that are a bit difficult to handle, so removing paint from a piece of wicker furniture can take time, because of the delicacy of the material, which cannot be treated with wood, as well as the complicated nature of the fabric. The way the wicker is woven between bamboo sticks to form the furniture, causes it to have many tiny and difficult to clean areas, so we require some extra techniques in the work.

How to Remove Paint from Wicker Furniture
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Use remover and strippers

The safest way to remove paint from wicker furniture, with all its fabrics interwoven with this material, is to use special chemicals, with the ability to remove dirt and old paint, from specific materials. It should be noted that wicker is, of course, treated as a type of wood, so soft paint solvents, as well as softwood stripper, are the ideal tools for this purpose.

Homemade method

If you want to remove paint from wicker furniture, but don’t have the necessary chemical materials, you can take the effort to use acetone to weaken the paint, which you will then remove with an abrasive sponge or very fine grade sandpaper. However, this is recommended to remove only water-based paint, since oil and varnish are usually more resistant, so acetone will not have much effect.

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The process to remove paint

Since the wicker cannot be sanded like other pieces of wood, you must cover the structure well with the chosen paint remover, preferably in spray, so that it penetrates into every nook and cranny of the fabric so that it can take effect in every small space. Once well covered, let it act at least 10 minutes, after which you will proceed to remove paint in a piece of wicker furniture with a sponge, which will remove the remover along with the layer of paint already weakened.

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