How to Use Lemon Wood Salt

The restoration, care, and maintenance of wood furniture are never easy, there are many steps and procedures, using different products such as varnish, fixer, paint, and removers, which we must take into account for different purposes. One of these processes is the removal of stains on this material, which returns the original color of the worn furniture, giving it a better final finish after using special products for this purpose, as is the case of lemon salt for wood.

How to Use Lemon Wood Salt
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Oxalic acid, better known in its presentation as Lemon Salt for wood, is a crystalline compound in powder form that, after being dissolved in water, results in a viscous liquid, a little thick, whose texture facilitates its distribution on wood surfaces. Despite its name, this product does not consist only of salt and lemon, or any citric substance, but it is manufactured from different chemical compounds, so it cannot be replaced with any homemade recipe or preparation outside specialized factories.

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How to apply lemon salt for wood

This cleaner and restorer, removes gray stains that appear in the wood, by the action of time and weathering, ultraviolet rays and contact with lime and cement, helps remove artificial stains from the material, which are left as a residue of old paint applied on the surfaces and allows them to return to their original color. However, for the lemonwood salt to work properly, it must be applied to the furniture that has had previous layers of paint or varnish removed.

Its application is very simple, just cover your furniture well with a layer of lemonwood salt, with the help of a brush, taking care not to leave spaces without the product. This should not be left to dry on the surface, so after one hour of its application, proceed to remove it with plenty of clean water and a bristle brush.

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