How to Remove Varnish from Furniture

If you are thinking of removing the wood varnish from some furniture in your house by your own means. You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explain how you can do it with the help of a series of techniques in a simple and fast way.

Remember that all your furniture with varnish will require you to change it at some point. The varnish does not last forever has a probable life and after that estimated period of time, it is necessary to re-varnish.

Why has the varnish on my furniture deteriorated so quickly?

You have to remove the varnish from your furniture and you may wonder why so quickly if it was recently varnished? The reasons may be diverse, among them, we can mention the use of the furniture since this directly affects the duration of the varnish on the furniture. Another element that can cause a deterioration of the varnish is the fact that the furniture is exposed to water or sun.

Something that could affect the varnish and this old without having much time to apply is the quality of the varnish that you put, hence the importance of using a quality varnish. But regardless of what the reason was, you have to remove the varnish, then we show you some very interesting techniques.

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Technique with paint stripper

It is a chemical widely used by carpenters when removing varnish or oil residues. It is recommended that when you are going to apply it, you use protective measures, such as masks with filters and latex rubber gloves.

Abrasive technique

For this technique, we recommend using an electric cord drill and a circular wire brush. The circular movement of the drill along with the wire brush will allow easily remove the varnish from the wood.

Technique with the heat gun                    

 A heat gun is a tool that we can resemble a hairdryer. The procedure consists of passing the heat slowly and continuously through the surface and at the same time scraping the wood.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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