Meet the Blooming Tables and Turn Your Tables into Gardens

On many occasions, as soon as we move to a new space, we place different types of plants and flowers to decorate our home. In general, we do this on our balconies or patios. Maybe we also put some houseplants in our living room, but not much else.

The truth is that during this last time, people have found a new way to incorporate different plants inside the home. in the furniture itself! Called Blooming Tables, they are an ingenious solution that will allow you to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home while saving space.

Meet the Blooming Tables and Turn Your Tables into Gardens
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How to build your own flourishing table?

You can find these tables for sale with the plants already included or you can build your own with what you have in your house. If you are a gardener and want to try building your own table, the ideal is to choose succulents, as they do not require too much care or frequent watering.

Its varied size and color also help to create a small forest inside the table. Of course, there is no rule about what type of plants to place, so you can be free to choose.

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On the other hand, the type of table to choose is not relevant either. You can use round tables, work tables, or mice. What is important is that you use a table that has a border so that you can place the soil inside and a glass that is a few inches from the base so that you have room to place your plants.  

A good technique you can use to separate the glass is to place four spacers nailed to the base, on which you will then rest the glass. That way, you can adjust the height to your liking, depending on the height of the plants you have chosen.

We also recommend that you make a stone base or a sandy floor, on which you will later add the soil. This way you will have a more suitable substrate for your plants to grow healthily.

The important thing is that you add a little life, joy, and love to your home by incorporating plants in a new way, which will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation with your guests. Now that you know all the secrets to making your own homemade blooming table you have no more excuses.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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