Use Vegetable Scraps to Replant Them in Your Own Kitchen

When we cook we usually throw away the leftover pieces of vegetables. But by throwing them away, we are actually wasting food, as these seeds and leftovers can be grown again.

Not all vegetables can and are easy to replant, but in this article, we will help you to know which are some of the vegetables with which you can easily see results.

Easy to grow plants from seeds.
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First, the base of the carrot is cut, then the base of the carrot is left in the water with the stem upwards. The water should be changed every day, approximately 15 days.

When the sprouts are large, they should be transplanted into a pot. If you do not have a pot, you can use a water bottle and recycle it.


This vegetable spreads very easily. First, you must reserve the stem and leave it in a jar where the base is immersed in water. It is important to renew the water so that the lettuce never dries out.

In a week or 10 days, you should see the first sprouts. There you can plant it in a pot. Lettuce is ideal to start with, as it does not usually fail.

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The leaves of the leek can be used to make broth, the trunk for frying and the base can be replanted. First, you should save about two or three fingers from the base of the leek, then you should trim the roots and put them in a tray lightly covered with water. In 10, 15 days you can put it in a pot.

The leaves of the leek can be used to make broth, the trunk for frying and the base can be replanted.
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It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. First, you have to cut the end of the onion root, leaving 1.5 cm of onion in the roots. Then, you have to cover it with soil and leave it in the sun.


In a short time, it usually takes root and new shoots. With a piece of ginger rhizome, that is to say, the knotty and thick part, you must place it in the compost, with the sprouts up and ready. Ideally, it should be in a warm and humid environment.

Ginger ideally, should be in a warm and humid environment.
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First, you must cut the potato into squares, making sure that each piece has one or two sprouts. Then, you must let them rest at room temperature for one or two days.

Plant the pieces 20 cm deep with the sprouts facing upwards and cover about 10 cm of soil, leaving the remaining 10 cm free. When the plant starts to grow, add more soil.

These are some of the vegetables that you can replant and give them a second life, easily and without taking up too much space!

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

Sources: Bioguia