8 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Family Photos

Family photographs are a must-have in our houses and it is always pleasant to show them. Here are 8 easy ways to reinvent this timeless decoration.

Large format photos

Large format photos
Image Source: decozilla.com

The photos are printed in very large formats to create a big visual impact on a wall. By placing them as a mosaic, it creates an interesting and perfect focus for a room in the basement or even in a hallway.

On a wire

Photographs on a wire
Image Source: heelsinthemud.wordpress.com

How about a little tinkering? Using wood planks, old frames, pliers, and wire, you can really create a photo display that can be changed according to the time of year, seasons, or special occasions.

Washi tape frame

Washi tape frame
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

The small rolls of sticky tape with printed patterns called “washi tape” will make nice and original frames without making marks or holes in your wall. By varying the colors and patterns, you can create a unique “eye-catching” “washi tape”.

In a string

Photos In a string
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

To create a dimensional effect while matching family photos, we install screws on the wall and make a set of rope wrapped around the screws. All that’s left to do is to use leaf clips to hang your most beautiful photos.

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In glass jars

Photos In glass jars
Image Source: hufftingtonpost.com

We simply place our photos in pots and put them in groups to create a stronger visual impact.

In an old window

Photos In an old window
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

For those who like the vintage look, an old door or window found at a flea market will make a beautiful family photo display. By grouping several doors or windows together, you can easily dress up a large staircase wall or a wall with a very high ceiling.

Under a tree branch

Photos Under a tree branch
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

Rustic and simple at the same time, this idea is perfect for a hallway. The branch could also be painted white or colored for a children’s room, for example.

A wall of frames

A wall of frames
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

Finally, remember that the idea is to use family photos to create a strong visual point of attraction and turn them into a gallery of memories. Don’t forget to keep the walls of family photos for more intimate or less busy spaces such as stairways, hallways, basements, and playrooms. Installing photos in full color or black and white is always a good idea for the uniform effect it provides.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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