Avoid These Mistakes When Decorating In A Small Space

Living in a loft, apartment or condo means having a fairly limited living space. This makes the layout and decoration even more crucial, in order to create a functional and harmonious living environment. Here are a few mistakes to avoid in order to maximize your little home!

Decorating a small apartment
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Consider an apartment as a single room

You might think that it is best to decorate the whole thing like a large room, but in reality, creating small, distinct areas will give a greater sense of space and make daily life easier for those who live there. When entering, it is important to be able to recognize different spaces, each with its own function: eating, relaxing or entertaining, sleeping, working, etc.

Do not properly evaluate the scale of the furniture

Overly massive furniture in a small apartment adds a lot of weight to space, especially if it is small. So a dining table for 6 is probably a better idea than one for 10 people. If you entertain this many people from time to time, consider having a cocktail party or inviting them to a restaurant!

Also, don’t think you can only have tiny pieces of furniture in a small condo. You don’t need a loveseat for 2 people in the living room; a sofa that can comfortably seat or lie down for 4 people probably has its place. Just not a huge upholstered corner loveseat!

Being afraid to dare of color
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Being afraid to dare of color

A loft certainly doesn’t have to be all white or beige: it is possible to experiment with color even in a small space! For example, you can choose beautiful cushions or curtains with flamboyant colors or patterns, so you can change them quickly and inexpensively if you get tired of them. If you are ready for a more sustainable investment: a beautifully printed wallpaper can create a lot of impact in a small space! On the other hand, it can be used on a small surface, such as a small wall.

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Not having an overall vision

Even when creating separate areas, a small space will always be better highlighted when the whole space is coherent. This doesn’t mean that everything must be coordinated or the same color, but there are always ways to create a decor that makes sense: for example, by staying in the same style, by using the same accent color in 3 or 4 places, by keeping a theme that will be recalled by a few elements throughout the room, etc.

Put the furniture against the wall
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Put the furniture against the wall

Even if you sometimes have no choice to do so, it is best to avoid placing all furniture leaning against the walls. When you start to find other possible arrangements in a room, you suddenly realize that the room is more functional, and especially that space seems more energetic. To get an idea of the result before moving everything around, nothing could be easier: you can make a simple sketch to scale and try all sorts of combinations.

Wanting to exhibit everything

Even in a large space, collections that are too large quickly overload an interior, while accumulating dust. In a condo or an apartment, one must be even more disciplined when dealing with one’s trinkets, collections, travel souvenirs, and other items. Imagine yourself as a museum director who has to organize a “capsule” exhibit, featuring only a few carefully selected pieces. Select your most beautiful objects, making sure they fit well together and store the rest. From time to time, of course, it is possible to interchange them!

Neglecting the bed
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Neglecting the bed

In a small space, and especially when everything takes place in the same room, a simple mattress on the floor or a bed that seems to have been hastily placed in a corner will always undo the surrounding decor. It is best to focus on the bed, making it a focal point of the room (as it should be). A well-made bed, with a headboard, bedside tables, adequate lighting, etc., “anchors” this important piece of furniture in the space. If possible, strategies can also be found to create a little privacy with screens, a bookcase, etc.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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