A Great Tip For Successful Ceramic Flooring

Are you planning to install a new ceramic floor soon and are you planning to do it yourself? Here’s a sure-fire way to install your tiles successfully. What can happen when you install the tiles yourself is that once the mortar dries, the tiles are not completely even. By sliding your feet over the floor, you can feel the differences between each tile and realize that the floor is not completely smooth. What a disappointment! Possible causes include mortar that is too liquid or poorly mixed, a sub-floor that is not level, or tiles slipping when the mortar sets. The solution? You can use leveling wedges. This is an installation system that allows the tiles to be leveled during installation while maintaining precise spacing.

ceramic floor leveling wedge
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

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A plastic part is placed under the tiles during installation and another in the shape of a triangle to hold the tiles tightly to the surface. It is usually necessary to put at least one wedge per corner and for large tiles, you can also put wedges at the mid-length of the tiles. The tiles will then form a kind of large surface bonded together and the shim system will prevent the tiles from slipping and creating unevenness. Once the mortar has dried, you only need to remove the triangle part with a small kick. The part under the tile will break and remain under the floor without consequence. With this system, you will save time and your ceramic floor will be flat and uniform.

ceramic floor finished dark gray tiles
Image Source: Reproduction/Internet

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