How to Install a Shower in 10 Easy Steps

In the basement of this late 19th-century house, the addition of a shower was the last step to be taken after digging the cellar and solidifying the house’s foundation. Here is how we proceeded to install a shower in only 10 easy steps!

1. Determine the location of the shower

Determine the location of the shower
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The first step is to locate the space where the shower will be installed. In this case, the owners had planned for the big job by drilling a hole in the concrete slab to connect the drain to the house’s sewer. There was also a duct for ventilation, in addition to adequate electrical wiring and water supply pipes.

2. Place the shower base and connect to the drain

Place the shower base and connect to the drain. 
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This step was easy since the concrete floor was perfectly level. All that was required was to connect the drain to the return pipe.

3. Fabricate the frame and install the plumbing

Fabricate the frame and install the plumbing.
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Here, the walls were erected in 2 X 4 around the base fixed to the floor. A structure has also been built to accommodate an alcove where soap and shampoo will be stored. The walls must be perfectly level. It is also at this stage that the water supply piping must be made.

4. Install the wall panels

Install the wall panels
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Waterproof panels were used to cover the walls and accommodate the ceramics. They are screwed down using screws and washers specially designed for these panels. Afterward, all joints and screws must be covered with mortar and waterproof tape from the same supplier.

5. Installing the ceramics

Installing the ceramics
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The client chose the traditional white metro ceramic, both affordable and timeless. The trick is to use a super light mortar when installing ceramic tiles on the ceiling, to prevent the tiles from falling off when they are installed.

6. Install ventilation and lighting

Install ventilation and lighting
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In this case, we opted for a light hood specially designed to be installed on the ceiling of a shower. Two birds with one stone!

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7. Laying the grout

Laying the grout
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The day after laying the tiles, we are ready to put the grout between the joints. We recommend a light grey grout with the white tile to make the tiles stand out. A grout without sand is ideal for this specific task.

8. Install the taps

Install the taps
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This step consists of installing the shower system. Silicone sealant must first be applied around the cutlery to ensure a watertight seal.

9. Install the glass door

Install the glass door
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This critical step requires the work of two people, as these doors are often very heavy. It is very important to secure them firmly to the walls and this, at the level.

10. Taking a shower

Taking a shower
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That’s it! All the steps are completed after many hours spent in these four square foot space. It’s time to enjoy the final result and go enjoy your new shower.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff. 

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