Choose The Perfect Countertop And Cabinet For Your Bathroom

The very first thing to consider when choosing materials for the bathroom countertop and cabinets is the hot and humid environment of that room: water, toothpaste splashes, towels on the floor, and so on! With this enumeration, we can quickly say that it is better to have materials that are easy to clean. It’s better to have materials that wash well and leave no traces. However, there are many choices, here are a few possibilities. First of all, I must emphasize that it is imperative to know that MDF, although it is versatile, does not really stand up well to humid places. Whether it is for a bench, a mirror, or any other construction, do not prefer MDF in your bathroom even if it is tempting due to its economic side.

Bathroom cabinets

Solid wood

Solid wood, although loved throughout the house, tends to swell and be a little unstable in the bathroom. For the decorative elements of a cupboard, there is nothing to worry about, but for a countertop, make sure it is well protected with appropriate finishing products.


Melamine is sure to be affordable, easy to maintain, stable, and available in many styles. You can find the warmth of wood with melamine because it can imitate certain species rather well.

Veneered particleboard

A Plated chipboard will also be an asset. Since this material is also very stable, it is a good choice to model a bathroom with style. Easy to maintain and moisture resistant, it remains a good choice even though it is a little more expensive.

The glass

Consider glass for your cabinets because it reflects light well and is very easy to maintain. Combined with a stable material frame it will make your bathroom a place to be noticed.

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The bathroom countertop

For the countertop of your bathroom, the materials are so numerous that only your imagination will stop your desires.

The ceramic countertop

Ceramic, porcelain, natural stones are still popular, especially if you install large tiles of 12 inches by 24 inches for example. Also, to make maintenance even easier, grout joints can be very, very thin.

The concrete countertop

Concrete is taking up more and more space in our interiors and can now come in many colors. If it is well sealed, concrete is contemporary, easy to maintain, and remains timeless while offering an industrial look that is more and more sought-after.

The laminate countertop

Laminate is still present because it is very affordable. Nowadays, it is possible to choose a laminate countertop with different finishes, which allows you to match it to your decor with brio.


Corian is in fact a very well-known brand today. It is a fine blend of natural materials and acrylic polymer. It is a little more expensive, but it is a high performance, very resistant, durable, and hygienic.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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