Bathroom Color Ideas

Today there are many trends that are booming, but if there is one thing they have in common it is that they always seek to create a modern environment and above all offer comfort. Mainly because it is one of the spaces in the home that we dedicate to relaxation and that we use several times a day. The ideal is to make this place something pleasant and that generates a positive feeling.

The bathrooms are usually of neutral colors and raw tones, perhaps for fear of the result or because we have not seen enough attractive proposals outside this range.

If you have tired of the classic and sober and want to renew the decoration of your bathroom, pay close attention to these ideas that bet on bright colors, your bathroom will be filled with light and color. It will become a fun and pleasant space.  

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1. Pink  

It is a color that if used in moderation, can create pleasant and welcoming environments. It is very related to the feminine and sweet style, so it becomes a perfect color to decorate a bathroom. There are a variety of shades that you can consider to include in your bathroom to achieve a great visual impact or to create a soft finish.

Bathroom Color Ideas
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2. Blue  

You can decorate your bathroom with this beautiful color and it will look fantastic. Choose from the pastel blues for a romantic and subtle air to the darker ones to give it more elegance but be careful with the lighting. The reasons to bet on a blue bathroom are many; it is a very relaxing tone and that in the bathroom is a very winning bet. Imagine a good shower or a bubble bath, what do you think?  

Bathroom Color Ideas
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3. Lilac

Lilac in the decoration is a fairly recurrent color. Feng-Shui speaks of it as a therapeutic, healthy, affable color with chi, perhaps for this reason it is so used in rooms of the home and the bathroom is no exception. Being a place that invites relaxation and rest, as well as personal care and beauty, it seems quite appropriate to decorate this room, both in its walls, floors, as in their textiles and furniture.

Bathroom Color Ideas
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4. Green  

The green-colored baths evoke nature and that brings a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Sophisticated bathrooms inspired by nature can be designed to put a momentary stop to the frenetic rhythm of the city. To obtain a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bath try a clear tone, you can opt for the mint. But if you want to create an energetic atmosphere, you can choose a more vibrant green.  

Bathroom Color Ideas
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5. Orange  

Vibrant colors are perfect for the bath, as they provide dynamism from early morning. Including the color orange in your bathroom decor will make your space look cheerful, optimistic, and full of energy. The easiest way is to introduce sparks of this color for some decorative objects such as towels, curtains, or other accessories.  The change will not be so dramatic and is ideal for those who only want an accent of warmth and vitality.

Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source: revistaad

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