Ideas for Decorating Patios and Gardens

This is a space where we should disconnect, relax, and have fun. It should be a pleasure to be in our courtyards or gardens and that is easy to achieve. It can be a more enjoyable place if we create a living area. We will be able to relax outdoors and meet with friends and family while enjoying nature. Or even have our own garden and harvest your favorite vegetables, fresh and ready to bring to your table!  

To begin with, it is key to understand that a good design for this area of the home does not require very expensive or flashy objects or materials. You just need to know how to locate those elements that bring comfort and pleasure and define routines that keep it nice and tidy.

1. Exterior lighting

By definition, this area already has the necessary light during the day but will need help when it gets dark. Adding lighting will allow you to make the most of this space, but it is important to choose the right one according to the atmosphere you want to create: romantic, ideal to be among friends, or ready for a party. A recommendation can be the yellow lights, which always enhance colors and give a sense of intimacy. In general, they are ideal for exteriors and social gatherings.

Ideas for Decorating Patios and Gardens
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2. Urban garden  

Are you a plant lover? How would you like to be able to grow your own fresh vegetables ready for your salads? Home gardens are not that hard to maintain, as long as we don’t overdo them. Bet on the growing tables and enjoy with the whole family growing your vegetables and fruits, starting with the simple ones!

Ideas for Decorating Patios and Gardens
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3. Relaxation area  

Outdoor relaxation spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. All you will need is a mattress, hammock, or couch – your guests will not want to leave your house! If you have a safe enough space you can put a TV, don’t forget to put it in a covered place so it won’t be ruined by the rain.

Ideas for Decorating Patios and Gardens
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4. Wooden  

Wood and plants are good allies for decorating patios. Yes, it is true that in general terms wood is more expensive than other materials, but we cannot deny how beautiful exterior terraces or patios look with this material. There are different shades of these, or can opt for materials simulation wood, check out these incredible ideas!  

Ideas for Decorating Patios and Gardens
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5. Minimalist

If you are looking for a minimalist decoration, it is not necessary to have too much space. You can always paint all the walls white or some other tone as light as possible. Place two comfortable chairs to enjoy the hours of relaxation in this place and some plants to provide serenity. Remember that less is more!

Ideas for Decorating Patios and Gardens
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Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff. 

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