Decorate With Leftover Materials

It’s a story we can all relate to, we do renovation work, redo a floor, have new curtains made, and then what do we do with the leftover materials? In the end, we all need a storage room just for that! What if, instead, we rummaged through these leftovers and used them to create unique pieces?

With leftover wallpaper, many ideas come to mind, especially for bedrooms and children’s spaces. I am thinking of framing them in pretty window frames and grouping several of them on the wall. I am also thinking of lining the bottom of drawers or the bottom of a bookcase to add some fantasy. Cover a lampshade, books, boxes with paper, use it as gift wrapping paper.

I retained this completely crazy idea. To cover with paper an old fridge that I can imagine very well in a first apartment or even at the chalet. Why not?

Cover with paper an old fridge
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The mix & match style is very popular, so we can also take advantage of it to make decorations to hang on a wire, like a cell phone. The play of patterns and colors brings a lot of life to a children’s room.

The play of patterns and colors brings a lot of life to a children's room.
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Upholster the bottom of a kitchen cabinet with glass doors or glue on the drawer front of a piece of furniture that lacks love. These two options are easily done with leftover patterned or textured paper. In the case of textured paper, it is painted like the furniture, to better integrate it.

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With fabric scraps too, there is a lot to do with those scraps that are lying around the house. First, you can add inserts on cushions or curtains, transform a lampshade, but you can also use them to create unusual wall decorations, like these pretty rosettes that I visualize perfectly well in a teenager’s room!

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fabric scraps art
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And small scraps will make handy little bulletin boards like this one:

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I find these other little wall decorations, created with leftover fabric and wood, very cute. You don’t need to be very gifted, just cut the silhouette of a bird, and have fun with the patterns and colors.

Art homemade
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A wood collection can very well become a work of art when you know how to do it. These eco-chic style side tables are really original. In a simpler way, a few pieces of wood can also become a star that will shine in your decor.

These eco-chic style side tables are really original.
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I often use hardwood flooring to create a bathroom backsplash, a small wall behind a toilet, to hide the base of a bathtub (rather than ceramic), to make a headboard, or for any other small corner that needs warmth. Think about it, you probably still have boxes of excess wood flooring lying around your house!

I often use hardwood flooring to create a bathroom backsplash
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Finally, before you get rid of your excess materials, think about what you can achieve by only investing some time on your part. When everything is created with taste, it makes beautiful and original pieces! I hope I have inspired you to create beautiful projects with this article!

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff. 

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