Furniture Cleaning – 5 Great Reasons To Go Professional

Furniture cleaning is an essential task to complete. Your home attracts more bacteria and mold in a week than you can imagine. The bottom of your shoes attracts all types of debris, soil, and contaminants. All of which, make their way into your home and on your furniture and carpets. Here at Kudos House, we have got you covered.

Unless you have your carpets cleaned daily, your feet and socks are bringing many contaminants onto your furniture each day. Using a store-bought furniture cleaning product will briefly clean the surface of the upholstery. However, you would be better served to have a professional furniture cleaning service do the job.

Furniture cleaning

5 Great Reasons To Go Professional

Here are a few reasons you should utilize the furniture cleaning experts to get your home in tip-top shape.

Deep cleaning

During a week, bacteria and mold work their way down into the fibers of the furniture. Therefore, making a home deep in the padding where your home vacuum could never reach.

Quick access to bacteria

Proper furniture cleaning techniques can access those bacteria quickly. If you are using your store-bought furniture cleaning solution and trying to use a home vacuum, you could run into trouble. Removing the contaminants in the padding is a challenging task for a domestic hoover, you will be lucky if it eliminates the compound you applied to the furniture.

Remove debris

The other problem you face is that you are leaving a chemical compound in the upholstery that acts like a magnet drawing even more and more bacteria to it. A professional furniture cleaning team will make sure that debris is reached that hides deep down, and taken out of your home.

Extend your furniture lifespan

Professional cleaning services may cost more than doing it yourself but it may extend your furniture’s life. The furniture itself is not a cheap commodity and deep-cleaning it now and then will increase its longevity.

It will also make the upholstery look new and clean and add to the aesthetics of the furniture and the room. When the upholstery is deep-cleaned it will feel and look fresh for much longer.

Remove Accident Stains

Some stains will just not come out with a store-bought upholstery and carpet cleaning machine and cleaning solvents. These professional cleaning services know just how to get rid of that coffee stain left on your favorite seating by the children.

You will find that with home or store-bought solutions, you just do not get that original color back. But after the cleaning services are done with that stained furniture it will look as good as new.

Some Problems With Furniture

Once the furniture cleaning experts have begun working on your furniture, they will quickly be able to identify what type of furniture cleaning is needed.

The furniture could be deeply soiled, have pet stains, food, or liquid stains, and there could also be the smell of cigarette smoke. Each of these furniture soiling examples requires a different type of cleaning technique to ensure that they remove all of the problems correctly.


When a heavy soil or urine stain exists, a furniture cleaning compound is required. This compound will scrub the fibers until the contaminants break free, where they can vacuum them away with ease. The main problem with a urine or liquid spill is that the liquid has been sitting in the padding and growing mold. The mold can be extremely harmful to family members with sensitive skin or allergies. The removal of mold during furniture cleaning is crucial.

Advantages of Professional Cleaning

The most significant benefit to having professionals do your furniture cleaning is this:

After they have removed the stains and debris successfully, they will then apply a fabric protector to all your upholstery. That protective substance will act as an invisible barrier to microscopic bacteria and mold spores.

The ultimate protection of the furniture cleaning service is worth the entire price of the cleaning service alone. That is because you cannot possibly provide the same protection to your furniture using a store-bought furniture cleaning compound. Even if you read otherwise, it is more often than not, that professional companies can acquire more powerful chemicals due to licensing.

The furniture cleaning company will also complete these steps.

  • They will wait until the upholstery is dry.
  • Then, they will apply a coat of silicon material that will protect your furniture until the next time you need to call the furniture cleaning crew to your home.

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning team for your furniture cleaning within your home.

Using a professional will make sure you have a cleaner house. Moreover, it will also take a lot less time to do a better job. There is no way that you could do the job on your own in the first place. However, to do that job in the time that a cleaning company could, it would be impossible.


Although you may think that you have a clean house, there is no real way to tell yourself. The cleanliness of your home is a lot like your car. Just because you can’t hear or feel anything wrong with your vehicle, taking it to a reputable mechanic could tell you otherwise.

Likewise with your upholstery. When you ask a professional cleaner about your “apparently clean” furniture, they will be able to tell you if it really is. Of course, you do need to watch out for people who are just trying to scam you, but once you find someone who you trust, I doubt you will ever go back to doing it yourself.