Here’s How to Make Your Small Kitchen Bigger

To make a small kitchen as functional as possible it is necessary to make the most of all the available space.
To achieve a great result even in the smallest kitchen, there are solutions that allow you to organize the space in the best possible way, making it more practical and more spacious and airy.

So how to make a small kitchen bigger?

1. To gain as much space as possible in a small room, you have to use all the space in height, creating walls equipped with wall units or shelves that can then be reached with a folding ladder or stool.

2. Take advantage of the space around the door with storage elements or by creating a system of shelves around the kitchen entrance.

Take advantage of the space around the door.
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3. Organize the kitchen down to the smallest detail: create tidy compartments inside cabinets and drawers where you can easily store everything you need to live in the kitchen. Tidiness in small rooms is the most practical and effective way to create space

Organize the kitchen down to the smallest detail.
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4. Use multifunctional furnishing accessories: a food trolley can also be an additional shelf. Another practical element to create more workspace is a sink cover board.sink cover made of wood

Use multifunctional furnishing accessories.
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5. Leave nothing to chance: every corner can be precious in the kitchen. For example, above the table (foldable) system two shelves to store everything you need for breakfast for example. And do not forget the right lighting that allows you to enjoy the environment in a practical and functional way making it more spacious.

Every corner can be precious in the kitchen.
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Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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