How to Build a Brick Closet

If you are working at home and you have material leftover, or you want to give your room a rustic style image without buying furniture, you can learn how to build a brick closet, to take advantage of these instruments of work, while you have an original structure, which you can decorate in an ornamental way, according to your tastes. Not only is there the advantage of the materials, but you can save a little money, with a temporary closet, or build one according to your specifications.

How to Build a Brick Closet
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Materials and room preparation

This structure, because of its materials and construction, must be assembled wherever you want to place it since once it is made, you cannot move it without dismantling it. Therefore, to know how to build a brick closet, you need the specific measures you want to give it, to prepare the space of the room, as well as the area of the floor where you want to locate it, removing the tiles, clean and protecting the surroundings. In addition, these measures will indicate the number of bricks, cement, sand, and stones, as well as what you will use to cover it.

How to build a brick cabinet

Once you have all the necessary materials, as well as the bricks cut for the construction, the measures to prepare the cement mixture (depending on the brand you use, you must prepare the appropriate amount according to the manufacturer’s instructions), as well as the tools for the job, it’s time to start the construction. Proceed to place the layers of brick, joined by the mixture, according to the measures you have decided for the cabinet, building three high walls separated from each other.

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Once the walls are done, you proceed to continue the construction of the roof over them, after which, you will build adequate spaces for the clothes, as well as holes for drawers, were to keep other goods. If you have followed the steps of how to build a brick closet, you can assemble these spaces with the same material, but it is more advisable to finish them off with sheets of wood, in order to keep the clothes separate from the building material once built, as well as to place wooden drawers more comfortably.

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