How to Germinate Banana Seeds

How to germinate banana seeds? Read on to find out. The banana is one of the most delicious tropical plants, which is quite simple to care for and germinate, but it is important to note that the bananas that are grown commercially, the ones we can find in the supermarket, usually do not bring seeds. For this reason, if you are thinking of including in your garden or orchard this delicious fruit and learn how to germinate banana seeds you should consider getting them by other means, or acquiring a sprout from a local nursery.

How to Germinate Banana Seeds
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If you have managed to get the right seed, to plant it and look for how to germinate banana seeds you should know that this is a plant of tropical origin, so its growth will require plenty of sunshine, if you live in apartments should be mentioned that it can be easily planted in pots, although not provide large crops can come to produce them without problems.

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In order to achieve that the banana seed germinates it is necessary to begin by planting them in a seedbed or in the earth to a depth of about 2 centimeters, where they must be watered once a day trying not to soak the earth but to maintain it humid. The time it will take to germinate can vary a lot, some can take as little as 2 weeks as others up to 2 months, so you should not despair if you do not see results quickly.

Once the banana seed has germinated and reached a height of 10 centimeters, if it was planted in a seedbed it should be transplanted to its final location, where it should be kept constantly moistening the soil, always avoiding soaking it, and providing it with at least 5 hours of light and heat a day to make it reach its final size, which can be more than a meter and a half. From the moment the seed germinates, it usually takes between 9 to 12 months to be able to harvest some delicious, completely natural bananas.

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