How to Remove Ants From a Lemon Tree

Many times our plants are not saved from suffering plagues, causing that we have to solve, among other things, how to remove ants from a lemon tree, since these small invaders have the capacity of in little time to take possession not only of the whole tree but of our garden, doing that the time and effort that we have invested in its care has been in vain.

How to Remove Ants From a Lemon Tree
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Possible causes of the appearance

Before being able to determine how to remove ants from a lemon tree it is necessary to identify the possible causes of its appearance and if it represents or not a problem for the tree. Firstly, if you observe that it is finding a small number of ants you should not run to eliminate them, already that probably these not be seeking to make with the plant but that go of step for the place.

If for the contrary, you observe a great number of ants or you begin to notice them with much frequency, you should begin to consider the options of how to remove ants of a lemon tree, but always posing as a first step the observation, already that this plague many times not come alone but accompanied with aphids, who produce a molasses that serves of food to the ants.

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If there are aphids in the plant

If together with the ants you have noticed the presence of the aphid, it is best to resort to some insecticide specified for these pests. But if you still prefer the natural option an alternative is to dilute in one liter of hot water, 300 grams of natural potassium soap, and spray it on the lemon tree twice a week.

If there are no aphids on the plant

If after making the due observation you have not noticed the presence of an aphid plague in the plant you can go directly to analyze the best option of how to remove ants from a lemon tree.

To begin you can try spraying a little lemon juice along the tree since this one has a smell that usually moves the ants away quickly. Another natural alternative is to spray vinegar on the site, which has the ability to keep out various insects, including small ants.

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