Learn How to Glue Tiles to Wood

Wood was, in the past, the most common material for building houses and establishments, although now, with the popularity of different types of ceramics and glass, many want to know how to lay tiles on wood. This is a combination that is not usually heard of, but there are properties to be taken into account when performing this procedure.

How to glue tiles to wood
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Characteristics of materials in relation to each other

The tile is a piece of ceramic pottery, although it can be found made of slate glass (not recommended for this procedure), of little thickness, and one side glazed with enamel, to make it waterproof. These must adhere to the surface with mixtures of mortar or silicone, which makes it difficult to adhere them to the wood since the latter has absorbent characteristics and low adherence to clay materials.

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For these reasons, special procedures must be carried out to glue these materials together, although, depending on the type of tile you wish to use, it is more advisable to simply avoid any process of gluing tiles on wood. For example, if you want to use large pieces of tile to cover the floor, the vibration of traffic will cause cracks and damage over time, weakening the bond, so it is advisable to use an intermediate material, such as fiber cement sheets.

How to glue tiles on wood

In order to maintain the cohesion between the materials, it is recommended to carry out the work in reduced surfaces, of low traffic or none, like in walls or pieces of little mobility like tables. You must use a paste adhesive mixture of very high performance, or silicone glue, if the wood is plywood or very absorbent, as well as ceramic pieces of high absorption, to enhance the glue. Once these parameters are met, if you want to know how to glue tiles on wood, simply the procedure will be as on any surface despite the prerequisites of the materials.

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