How to Level The Pool Floor Without Work

When summer arrives, the desire to put in a dismountable pool begins to emerge, but for this, it is commonly necessary to level the ground. What some people don’t know is that leveling the ground for a pool without any works is possible, making the process of assembling your pool and then dismantling it easier than it seems.

How to Level The Pool Floor Without Work
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Mark the ground

To begin with, we must locate the place where we will place the removable pool, and mark on it the dimensions of the pool, as well as what will be the center. If the pool is circular, it is enough to drive a stick or stake in the center, and with the help of a rope, mark the total diameter of the pool. If it is square, draw all the sides, then join them with diagonal lines to locate the center.

Remove possible obstacles

The next step to install a swimming pool at home is to determine the possible obstacles within the area. It is necessary to remove all the grass from the place to better visualize the terrain and identify both the unevenness present and some rocks or roots that could generate holes.

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Leveling the ground

Now it’s time to level the ground for a pool without any work, you simply have to remove small portions of the earth to create a flat surface, then, with the help of a wooden stick, verify that everything is really at the same level.

At this point it is important to point out that when we look to level the ground for swimming pool without work it is not advisable to fill the holes but to retire the ground until reaching the lowest level, because with time the ground tends to settle, making that the holes that have been filled up appear again, having to return to make the leveling process in the future.

Place a layer of sifted sand

The last step is to place a layer of sand, which will help prevent damage to the removable pool and will manage to finish fixing small faults that we may have overlooked, then assemble the pool in place until the time to remove it, when we can let it grow or sow grass again so that we do not notice that we have managed to level the ground for swimming pool without work.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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