How to Paint Over Lacquer Without Sanding

This article will focus on lacquered furniture, which is coated with the paint known as enamel-lacquer. As a curious fact, it is a technique of Chinese origin. If you have a piece of furniture that has lost its shine over time or if you want to change the color, we will teach you how to paint over lacquer without sanding.

How to Paint Over Lacquer Without Sanding
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Advantages of this technique

That glossy furniture already demands a change and you’re tired of its look. On the other hand, you could be remodeling your home and your furniture needs to change. It is possible to paint over lacquer without sanding. What advantages would this bring to you? We save a lot of time, sanding implies extracting dust and impurities so if you don’t do it, you avoid this. Now let’s explore how to apply this method of painting.

The beginning

To start with this issue of how to paint on lacquer without sanding, we must keep in mind something that we cannot forget: for the paint to be absorbed by a material and to be fixed, the surface must be as uniform as possible. That’s why sanding is done, seeking to smooth the material. However, we are going to show you some tricks for painting without sanding.

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Before undertaking this method on how to paint on lacquer without sanding, you must clean the furniture with a damp cloth. If your furniture has traces of grease, dust, or other things the paint will not fix at all. After that, use chalk-based paints, which provide a very vintage finish that is fashionable. This paint is made with plaster or chalk, which gives it that old look.

Following this order of ideas on how to paint on lacquer without sanding, it is advisable to make a test on a part of the furniture that is not very visible. If the paint does not adhere, your furniture will need a coat of primer, so that the paint is accepted. This does not mean you have to use this product all the time. Finally, acrylic paint is another option. Here you are required to apply a coat of primer.

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