How to Make a Bathroom Screen

How to make a bath screen? There are many things we can do at home, taking advantage of the quarantine by the COVID-19, one of them can be this shower screen. In this post, we will explain step by step how you can do it, don’t miss it!

Materials you need to make a shower screen

You need the glass for the screen, for this, it is necessary that you measure it in advance. Here we suggest you measure it meticulously because if you make a mistake in the measurements, you will not be able to change the glass; you will also need aluminum bars for the screen, tempered aluminum bars, screws, and the rails for the sliding doors. Materials are the first step to answer the question we have at the beginning of the article How to make a bathroom screen?

Step by step procedure to make a bath screen

How to make a bath screen? To make it, the first thing you have to do is drill holes in the aluminum bar. To do this, first, you had to take the measurements. The drilling points must be placed in support points for greater security. Use a short drill bit as the aluminum is fragile. Drill the holes precisely. When you are going to drill the glass, use a special drill for that type of material.

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Drill the points for the rails on the sliding door. Then join the upper sheets to the glass. Place the beams that will support the glass. Then fix the columns and check the level so that it is straight and there is no slippage. Then proceed with the sliding doors. It is good to secure the glass with the bars so that it does not fall. You proceed to place the doors once you have placed the rails and proceed to fit the door and check that it works.

As you could see in a simple way we could answer the question of how to make a screen to the bathroom? Remember that for success you will need to take the right measurements and good quality materials and make sure that everything meshes well and the doors run on the rails without any hitches.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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