How to Remove Millipede Worms

Millipede worms are scavengers in gardens because they like to eat plants and their decaying remains. Sprouts and fruits that grow close to the ground, such as strawberries, are victims of this pest. In this article, we will tell you more about them and techniques to eliminate millipede worms.

How to Remove Millipede Worms
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How to identify them

The body of millipede worms is characterized by a rigid cover with many rounded segments with two pairs of short legs in each one of them. Most of them measure between 1.27 cm to 5.08 cm long but some specimens can reach 16.51 cm. They are brown or black and move very slowly.

Signs of Millipede Activity

First of all, to be clear about how to eliminate millipede worms, you have to know how to detect them. Their actions take place during the night wherever their favorite food is: decomposing organic matter. To avoid this, take the time during the day to check for millipedes around your home, especially in garden mulch, fallen leaves, and other debris.

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How to remove them

To learn how to eliminate millipede worms, you should focus on the following: sealing cracks in the foundation, removing debris from the yard, and establishing a protective barrier around the house. To begin, kill the millipedes you see them in. You can step on them, sweep them up or vacuum them (in this case you should throw them in the trash, tie the bag up, and leave it in the trash outside your home).

You can also spray an insecticide for indoor pest control, made to kill millipedes. To make sure of this, read the label on the product because it will probably have a label with a list of pests it kills. On the other hand, traps are great for eliminating millipede worms.

To make it, you need a plastic bottle, a small tube of the same material, and some fruit. You’re going to insert the tube into the mouth of the bottle and insert some fruit, to attract the millipede. It will enter the tube and will not be able to leave it.

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