How to Remove Worms in Trees

In nature, there are different types of insects and pests that we do not want in our plants, therefore, for more specific cases, it is necessary to learn how to eliminate worms in trees, which, among so many small animals, can be the most dangerous pest for gardens and orchards. Knowing that these worms prefer the trees to swarm, thanks to the habitat that gives them the wood, as well as the food that they can find in them, let us take into account certain measures.

How to Remove Worms in Trees
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Remove tree worms

These insects are annoying not only because many people hate them, but some worms can literally be harmful to our plants, since they feed on their leaves, flowers, sap, and fruits, taking nutrients away from them and causing their death. The most effective way, if you want to know how to eliminate worms in trees, is always the use of pesticides, some specialized insecticides for these animals, whose chemical compounds repel or kill them completely.

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Methods without chemicals

In case you do not want to use dangerous chemicals, but do not know how to remove worms from trees, there are some natural repellents that you can carry out simply and effectively, although perhaps not so immediately. For example, a really effective method is to buy in nurseries and garden stores, a controlled bacteria, distributed especially to eliminate worms and caterpillars, we are talking about Bacillus thuringiensis, a microorganism that feeds on these animals.

 Another more homemade method, with ingredients you can find at home, is the use of tobacco, crushed and mixed with water in a spray, which releases nicotine into the soil, a component that effectively repels worms. If you do not have any of these ingredients and do not know how to eliminate worms in trees, we recommend covering the soil around the tree with tomato, eggshell and abundant crushed garlic, since it has been proven that some components of these work as homemade pesticides.

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