How to Upholster Armchairs

When we think about remodeling our home for a low cost thinking about how to upholster armchairs becomes a perfect option, since this simple procedure can help us both change the appearance of them and give them a new life they already look old and worn out.

How to upholster armchairs
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Can we do it at home?

Usually, when we ask ourselves the question of how to upholster armchairs, the first thing we think about is hiring a professional, who has the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve a perfect result, but if you’re a fan of learning new things and a DIY lover, you’ll be happy to know that upholstering armchairs at home is possible and doesn’t require too many tools, so if you decide to try it in a short time, you’ll be on your way.

How to upholster armchairs

To begin with, the first thing to consider is the materials, it is necessary to acquire enough fabric to ensure that it will cover the entire chair, you also need scissors, staples, a stapler, pens, a permanent marker, sewing machine with a strong needle, thread, and optionally Velcro or zippers to be able to remove the new upholstery when you want to wash it.

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Once all the materials are available the first step will be to remove the previous upholstery taking care not to damage the pieces, as these will be used as a mold to cut out the new ones. Once removed and with the help of the marker, draw the new pieces on the fabric to be used and cut out leaving space for the seams.

Then with the help of the pins go assembling the structure what will be the new upholstery, sew, place in the final position and go stapling little by little, stretching the fabric to ensure a finish as firm as possible. Similarly, if you look for how to upholster armchairs with cushions simply use the front lining as a pattern to make the new one, place the zipper or Velcro on the back, and once ready to introduce the filling inside the new lining to place it in its final position.

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