Organize Your Small Laundry Room With These Ideas

It is true that not all of us have a room dedicated to laundry, you can use some available space within your home, you don’t need much space, you just need a little organization and good strategies to optimize that minimum space and turn it into a beautiful laundry room.

Making this room comfortable, pleasant, and practical is a challenge! But with these tips for, you can do it. Let’s get started!

1. Have everything you need on hand

In order for this small laundry room to work, you will need to have all the accessories and products on hand, you won’t put the laundry detergent in the kitchen, would you? This will help you and make it easier to put the washing machine on.

 Have everything you need on hand
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2. You can’t miss the iron

Even if you think it is not necessary, believe me, that it will be very useful to have a space assigned for it. If you have children at school or your husband wears shirts to work, you will need it! So don’t rule out this option no matter how cumbersome you think it might be, an excellent option is to integrate it into a drawer so it doesn’t take up too much space. 

You can't miss the iron
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3. Clothes baskets

To avoid ruining your clothes, it is necessary to separate colored clothes from white and dark clothes. To do this you will need baskets so that you can sort the clothes before putting them in the washing machine, no matter what material you choose!

Clothes baskets
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4. Don’t let the rain surprise you

In summer we don’t have this concern because the sun helps us a lot to dry our clothes, but now that the rains are approaching, surely you are already wondering what will happen to the clothes you just washed. Of course, if you have a dryer, you can skip this paragraph because the problem is already solved. Otherwise, I recommend you to continue reading, because you don’t need to put a clothesline from side to side, besides being in the way, it will take away the aesthetics of your laundry room, you could put retractable ropes or a vertical clothesline so they won’t take up too much space.

 Don't let the rain surprise you
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You don’t need a lot of things or a big space to have a laundry room, the decoration is the simplest thing for being a small place. The white tones will come in handy, the softer and more neutral the better, since they light up very well and create a fresh, clean, and relaxing atmosphere for this seemingly simple task. You can also choose to decorate with some plants or paintings.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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