Spotlight on Warm Homes!

A fireplace means warmth in the home, in both senses of the word! Certainly, a fireplace is very useful to warm up the house as soon as the weather “turns sour”. But when the mercury drops below the fateful zero, the presence of a fireplace also has the gift of immediately raising our inner barometer. These are two good reasons to give it a place of honor in your decor and decorate it with dignity. Let yourself be inspired by these inspiring atmospheres!

In all elegance

Set against a warm backdrop of decorative stones, the fireplace of this once anonymous living room now acquires a good dose of personality. Made from MDF moldings sold in hardware stores, the majestic chocolate mantle adds to its singular elegance. Combining practicality with pleasure, the latter is escorted on either side by small storage units designed to hold the occupant’s compact discs.

Warmth for the room

There’s no doubt about it, the warmth is there in this classically designed room that features copper and bronze! This happy marriage of noble materials is complemented by the luxury of a circular fireplace. Inserted in a sumptuous stone wall, it reinforces the chivalrous look of the decor. How sweet it is to be lulled by the crackle of the fire, asleep on this chic recamier!

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Relaxation and entertainment

Dressed in a warm red suit, this four-sided fireplace is unequivocally the center of attention in this family room located in the basement. Whether you’re chatting in the living room or playing pool in the billiard room, everyone has the opportunity to watch the dance of the flames from different perspectives. The natural beige of the walls, furniture, and rugs balances the vitality of the red accents. All this creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Variable geometry

A fireplace in its simplest form can take on an unusual look thanks to an astonishing play of shapes. Covered with a faux-finish, the fireplace comes alive here with the movement produced by the wood inserts that draw rectilinear figures. The voluminous shelf crowning the fireplace extends until it hangs in the air, while a niche with three original light fixtures gives it a few inches of replica in the air.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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