6 Perfect Lamps Styles For Your Bedside

How to choose a bedside lamp?

A bedside lamp has two functions: to provide extra lighting in a bedroom and to contribute to the decor of the bedroom!

In general, the biggest mistake people make is choosing a bedside lamp that is too small for their space. The larger the room, the larger the bedside table and the larger the lamp can be!

Another thing to consider: if you read a lot in bed, it is necessary to have a lamp that arrives just in the right place (not over your head) to light the book/reader without tiring your eyes too much. A lamp that can be positioned is ideal in this case.

Choosing the right type of bulb and lighting for a bedroom

As a general rule, a bedside lamp should not be the main source of lighting in a room, there should also be a ceiling light, recessed ceiling fixtures, and/or a floor lamp. In this case, the bulb should provide a soft, “mood” light that is conducive to relaxation before going to sleep.

However, in many rooms, there is simply no other source of lighting. In this case, choosing a bedside lamp and/or a bulb with a dimmer is strongly recommended. This solution makes it possible to vary the lighting level according to your needs: brighter for dressing, applying make-up or doing a little work, softer and more muffled for reading in the evening, etc.

Is it important to have two lamps?

If you are alone in the room, it is not necessary to have two lamps, contrary to popular belief. On the other hand, in a very large room with a king bed, the effect of symmetry brought by two lamps on each side may be more harmonious.

Do the two lamps have to be the same?

Absolutely not! You can let your creativity go. It can be two identical lamps with different shades. It can be two different lamps, but in the same style or in the same tone. It can be two different lamps!

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Bedside lamp styles

1. Work lamp

They are called that because they are reminiscent of the ones used in the past (and sometimes still today) on desks. But they can also be used on a bedside table! Their biggest advantage is that they can be positioned and directed in (almost) any direction.

2. Shade lamp

This is the traditional lamp, which is often the first thing that comes to mind. Its advantage is that it is possible to change the lampshade (or transform it) without having to buy it all back if you get bored or the fashions change. It is the most popular type of lamp!

3. Lamp on legs

They usually have a more modern design or even a burst design. Compared to a traditional oil lamp, this design is lighter and more compact, allowing even small items to be stored underneath and allows the use of variable intensity LED bulbs.

4. Fancy lamp

This more decorative type of lamp can make a maximum effect on the decoration of a bedroom! There are all kinds of them: some are more “adult” while others are perfect for children. They can be considered as much a decorative item (sometimes even a work of art) as a source of light.

5. Wall sconces

As their name suggests, they are lamps that hang on the wall, freeing up space on the bedside table! It’s discreet and great in small spaces. Such a lamp should be installed at just the right height to allow for reading. There are both positionable and fixed models. The only disadvantage is that if you don’t want the wires to appear, it’s a bit more complicated to get the electricity to the right place.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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