How to Choose a Kitchen Counter?

It’s recognized, as many designers say, that you should always bet on the kitchen. This room of the house deserves space, light, and quality materials. But what should you choose for your kitchen countertop among all the supplier’s offer? Here is an overview of new products to discover.

Stainless steel as a countertop

Stainless steel is very durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain and is an environmentally friendly choice since it is the most recycled material in Canada. A kitchen countertop made with this product reacts well to rust and heat, however, it remains sensitive to shock and unfortunately finger marks are always visible. In fact, you must wash in the grain direction and avoid abrasive powders. My advice is as follows. If you have 2 countertop surfaces and you like stainless steel, why not combine 2 different materials? One area with another material and the other area with steel. It will make a monster effect!


Concrete is still unknown to consumers even though it is taking up more and more space. New types of concrete exist today and are much lighter than before. In addition, it is possible to customize a concrete kitchen countertop with an almost unlimited choice of colors in addition to giving it playful or standard shapes. Concrete is a durable, heat-resistant material. On the other hand, the annual application of a sealer should be considered and it remains slightly sensitive to stains. There are several types of concrete so some products are more resistant. I advise you to store before you buy because if it is poorly made, the countertop can crack. The product is extremely durable and timeless and remains an interesting choice.

The butcher’s block

Butcher’s block has been around for a long, long time. Envied by all for its unique look, it remains a durable and recyclable product. It is suggested to verify the origin of the wood with which the butcher’s block is made. Look for the FCS symbol which indicates that the wood comes from a managed forest that takes the environment into account. It is possible to erase scratches left by time with a good surface sanding. It is suggested to maintain it with natural oil. Finally, the butcher’s block is so different from other products that it deserves its place, however, since it does not tolerate heat and water very well, I would easily adapt the butcher’s block, but on top of an island rather than installing it on the entire surface of the kitchen countertop.

How to Choose a Kitchen Counter?
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The glass kitchen countertop

Made from recycled glass and non-toxic concrete, the glass kitchen countertop offers a durable VOC-free surface and is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops. With an elegance reminiscent of granite, it is a great choice for LEED constructions. It is available in several colors, making it easy to personalize your decor. Since recycled glass is rather expensive, it is recommended that you take good care of it because it is sensitive to stains. This product remains a more than interesting choice, despite its cost, because it is durable and environmentally friendly. However, I strongly suggest that you choose a neutral and timeless color.


Slate is known as a floor covering, but this dense stone can also be found on a countertop thanks to its fine grain and noble colors. Depending on its origin, slate comes in shades of green, purple, black, grey, blue, and even red. Easy to clean, slate resists well to water and heat which is an advantage in the kitchen and bathroom. Less expensive than its cousins, marble, and granite, it can even be sandblasted to remove scratches left on the surface. We recommend the application of oil to awaken all the natural beauty of slate. Since it is rather heavy, some specialists suggest reinforcing the cabinets on which the countertop stones rest.

Classic kitchen countertops

The classic kitchen countertops are still just as interesting: laminate countertops, laminate which is the most popular, rigid molded surfaces with integrated backsplash and rounded edge or the famous Corian or polished stone, not to mention ceramic tiles which have been popular for a few years now and especially since the new way of manufacturing them. The essential is and will always be according to your tastes and your budget.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff. 

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