How to Choose a Shower?

It’s difficult to give advice on the ideal shower because there are several models available on the market and in the end, it all depends on your personality, the space available and your budget. Separate or integrated into the bath, ceramic, glass door, round, corner… all these solutions are interesting! The best way to get started is to know the essentials, the utilities, and some differences between the models.

Measures to respect

Regardless of the model, however, there are certain measures that must be followed. A 60-inch accessible perimeter must be maintained and 30 inches must be provided in front of the bathtub to facilitate entry and exit.

The different showers

Molded showers

The most common showers are certainly the factory-molded showers. These models are economical and some types are really small, which can help if you don’t have a lot of space. This type of shower can be called a walk-in shower. This is also ideal if you don’t have much time and want to make a quick renovation. The very high-end models can even offer you a sophisticated look, but it is better to keep in mind that the standard model is not very characterized. Of course, you will also have to think about the faucets, the showerhead, and the door. It will then be possible to personalize your decor with accessories that look like you while respecting your budget. This type of integral shower is very easy to install and does not require wall mounting.

Glass showers

The latter has gained in popularity in recent years, mainly because of the impression of space and the brightness they provide. However, they are more expensive than molded showers.  

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Masonry showers

Ceramic or masonry showers are nice models but are not suitable for every space and every wallet. Although it is possible to make it yourself, it is strongly recommended to use professional tilers to avoid water infiltration and mold problems.

Choosing a shower

The trend nowadays is towards industrial style, gym ambiances, or a shower separate from the bathtub. It is possible to create this kind of decor with all shower models, so don’t deprive yourself if this is your dream! You can even, with a bit of madness and a certain budget, integrate light in your shower. Nowadays, many products exist on the market to add a unique and muffled touch to your bathroom.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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