Ideas to Decorate Your Garden With Style

To create a home environment it is necessary to concentrate on two essential parts of the house, the interiors but also the garden.

Usually, this is what you always leave to the last because you don’t know how to decorate it and what you can put in it to make it look nice but at the same time be functional.

Below I show you some ideas that you can use to inspire you to carry out your project with your resources and your space. Remember to let your imagination run wild and capture your essence in order to create a cozy atmosphere that is very much your own.

1. Vertical garden

Especially for small places, this is a great option to create a fresh and stylish place without the need for much space. These types of gardens are wall-mounted, usually many green plants are used as they are the most resistant and there are some that bloom.

Vertical garden
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2. Feng Shui Garden

Better known as a Zen garden. This was created to generate harmony with each of the elements that are placed. You have to take into account that each of the elements must have the same protagonism, making a perfect environment for meditation and introspection. It is advisable to adopt a table and chair according to the structure of the garden so you can go out and enjoy it.

 Feng Shui Garden
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3. Mediterranean garden

One of the main characteristics of this garden is to use plants and flowers resistant to heat and water shortage, as they are mainly used in very hot places. Often trees with large canopies are used to generate shade and to adapt an area where you can sit and feel cool. It is a great garden to be able to place a breakfast table and create special events where you can share great moments with the people you love.

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Mediterranean garden
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4. Dryland garden

If you are a very forgetful person and your plants are drying up, this garden is the right one for you. Usually, plants are used that can withstand extreme weather and do not need to be watered, often because they use rainwater. If the space is ample it is possible to add a broad-crowned tree to provide shade.

 Dryland garden
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5. Water garden

Perfect for having a pond or fountain at home. It is recommended that you use water plants for this type which do not need much maintenance and are eye-catching. It is possible to add some reptiles or amphibians, this will cause the animals to feed on the same plants and will make both parts develop in a better way and look radiant. For a greater benefit of this garden, it is possible to add aromatic plants, which will give a feeling of freshness and freedom.

Water garden
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Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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