How to Choose Your Garage Door

The garage door, more architectural, is now an integral part of the exterior decoration, just like the front door of your home. This is why specialized companies offer a multitude of choices of colors, materials, and styles.

But before making a decision, you must consider certain key factors, such as durability, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and of course, price.

The wood garage door

The wooden door is much more resistant than the metal door because it has a tendency to rust, to be damaged, to show notches or visible dents.

Wood is suitable for traditional-style homes and the market offers a wide range of species for personalized decor, as well as wood veneers at a lower cost.

If you choose a wood door, keep in mind that it will require regular maintenance (painting, staining, etc.).

The aluminum garage door

This garage door is offered in a wide variety of styles and colors. It resists rust and is easy to maintain. Moreover, it is very well suited for humid areas because aluminum is a light material that makes the door easier to handle. However, this material is more fragile and does not resist impacts well.

The steel garage door

The steel garage door is also sold in a wide choice of colors and styles. This one is more resistant than the aluminum door, but it will rust after an impact.

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Newer materials

PVC and fiberglass garage doors have appeared on the market. They are more durable than those made of wood or metal.

They are more expensive than metal doors. And even if they are solid, they do not resist major impacts.

Decorative accessories

Specialized companies also offer trims and decorative elements to personalize your garage door and harmonize it with the style of your home.


As for the panels of your door, several layouts are possible. They can be rectangular or square, depending on the style of your home.

Shapes and finishes

The windows are presented in different shapes and finishes. They can be square, rectangular, or semi-circular. The choices are vast and will allow you to match the style of your home. Some of them can be made of frosted glass for more privacy.

Decorative strips and trims

You will also find a wide variety of decorative strips and trims to enhance your garage door. You will have the choice between various styles of hinges, handles, straight or diagonal stripes.


For more cachet, choose a door that matches the style of your home. For example, for a contemporary and modern home, frosted glass doors will be an extension of your exterior decoration.

The choice of colors

As with decorative accessories, choose colors that will enhance your home. Avoid strong contrasts and choose a shade that will match the overall structure.

Comfort and security

Make sure your door is properly installed and maintain it regularly. If you have any doubts about the installation, do not hesitate to consult specialized companies.

Nowadays, garages are used for many purposes other than parking your car, so it is essential that your door be properly insulated. For more comfort, especially if you plan to transform your garage into a work office, use weatherstripping.

Properly installing a garage door is not within everyone’s reach. It is preferable to entrust the installation to a specialist. Once the work has been done, it will add more value to your property if the job has been done correctly.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff.

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