Nautical Decor Ideas for Your Personal Paradise

Are you looking for some nautical decor ideas for your house? Want something fashionable and ‘in style’? Well, it just so happens that beach decor is very trendy amongst a lot of people lately. According to my daughter, even a lot of teenagers have been obsessing over, what they call the ‘vsco aesthetic.’  Apparently, this means that beach themed bedrooms are making a comeback!

However, in this article, it is not just bedrooms that we are going to look at. Whether you live by the beach, or as far away from it as possible, there is no reason why you can’t have yourself a shoreline style sanctuary. That is why, here at Kudos house, we have gathered some of the best ideas for the beach effect.

Nautical Decor Ideas
Nautical Decor Ideas

Before we get into the specific ideas, let’s take a look at what sort of items you are going to need to be looking at. What do you first think of when you think about the seaside? Sea creatures, boats, wood, etc. Right? So, what sort of things can you add to the decor that fits in with all of these things? Now that your mind is going on the subject let’s get into it.

Nautical Style Porch – Our Favorite Nautical Decor

If you have read our post on porches, then you would have seen a little section about seaside porches there. However, it is now time to look a little bit closer at that idea. As a porch is an outdoor space, I would tend to try and keep the theme outdoors too. Think about some of the following approaches.

  • Wooden oars

Wooden Oars porch

  • Buoy garlands

Buoy Garlands Porch

  • Wooden welcome signs

Nautical Wooden Welcome Signs for porch

  • Pallet wood

Nautical Pallet Wood for porch

  • Old rope

Old Rope design for porch

  • Treasure chest

Treasure Chest Porch Ideas

When using any of the ideas above, try to remember two things. Use bright colors and make things look weathered. Along with the decorations that there are above, you may want some actual furniture on your porch.

  • Wicker seating

Wicker seating porch ideas


  • Wooden tables

Wooden tables for nautical porch

  • Rope floor mats

Rope Floor Mats Ideas for Porch

  • Hessian style rugs

Hessian Rugs for Porch

  • Reclaimed wooden floor – If you are looking at going all out with the beach effect, you may even want to get reclaimed wooden flooring. If you stain the floor, it could look either like a deck of a ship or the floor of a pier.

Reclaimed Wooden Floor for Porch

  • Painting the woodwork in your porch in a whitewash
  • Rusty metal ornaments – Do not be afraid to let your metal ornaments stay a little rusty. Rust is more prevalent in coastal areas.

Rusty Metal ornaments for Nautical Porch

  • Hammock seating

Hammock Seating

Beach Themed Bedroom

Beach Themed Bedroom

If you like the ocean, then nautical bedrooms could be the thing for you. Take a look at this image. It has so many sea-themed items. Although it is clearly a showroom for items that you can buy, it gives you a lot of inspiration. Let’s take a look at some of the things that they have in the image, and perhaps some variations of them.

  • Shiplap style cladding on walls

Shiplap walls ideas

  • Fake sea creatures on the walls

sea creatures wall decor

  • Sea themed lamp

sea lamp home decor ideas

  • Lighthouse style lamp

lighthouse lamps nautical

  • Wooden beach signs

wooden beach signs decor

  • Rope edged ottoman

Rope edged ottoman nautical design

  • Wicker storage boxes

Wicker storage boxes for bedroom

  • Weathered wooden furniture

Weathered wooden furniture

  • Canvasses of the seaside

marine canvas in seaside

  • A lot of blue and white

blue and white nautical bedroom

  • Crab cushions

Crab cushions decor ideas

  • Blue wooden serving tray

Blue wooden serving tray nautical design ideas

As you can see, there are many things that you can use, just for the bedroom. The sea is full of beautiful things that would make lovely pieces for any room, not only bedrooms!

Beached Themed Bathroom

Some other examples of things to have in a nautical themed place are below.

  • Seashells on shelves

Seashells on shelves decor

  • Ocean print canvases

Ocean print canvas ideas

  • Blue and white striped bedding

Blue and White Striped Bedding

  • Beach house signs

Beach house signs Decor for bedroom

  • Beach hut style photo frames

Beach Hut photo frame idea

Why not try using a long, beach hut style, hanging rail in your bedroom to hang all of your things on? You can use it for coats, towels, and even beach themed ornaments.

Beached Themed Bathroom

Ok, so one of the most common rooms to decorate in a nautical theme is the bathroom. The reason for this is apparent; it is the room where you can sit in water! Just because it may be cold outside, that does not mean that you can’t feel a little more summery while you are inside.

Of course, the same theme elements will apply here to any other rooms in the house. Therefore, you need to look at white and blue stripes, distressed wood, and old rope.

Some extra items that you can add to the bathroom that we have not covered yet are:

  • Model boats

Model Boats bathroom nautical decor

  • Wall mounted compass

Wall Mounted Compass

  • Wall mounted ship wheel

Wall Mounted Ship Wheel Decor Ideas

window style mirrors idea for nautical bathroom

  • Sea shells

Sea Shells Bathroom Decor Idea

  • Oddly shaped stones

Odd Shaped Stones Nautical Decor

  • Clear glass vases half filled with sand

Glass Vases with sand ideas

There are three areas of coastal design that you can think about adding into your decor. The sky, the sand, and the sea. A couple of things that you need to remember about the coast is that the sun will bleach EVERYTHING, and the sea will deteriorate EVERYTHING. While you may want everything pristine in your home, you are able to move away from that slightly with beach themes.

Keeping the weathered and sun bleached look will only add character to any of the rooms that you decide to brighten up with beach decor. You do not have to do this with all of your furniture. Keep some of it plain white, some light blue, some plain wood, and some with a shabby chic style.

Nautal Decor Ideas - KudosHouse


Although you may believe that nautical decor can be used in bathrooms only, this is definitely not true. Bring a bit of the sea into any room in the house, or even the porch! Although I have sectioned some of the ideas up in this article, there is not really anything that will not fit any other room. (Except perhaps a hammock in a bathroom.)

Feel free to experiment with your ideas. Mix things up a bit and make your paradise personal. One of the best aspects of this style is that you can refurbish your old furniture so that it fits in with the decor that you want.

Remember, if you have any areas of your home that you have decorated in this way, please let us see what you have done. Leave a comment below if you have any other ideas that we have missed off too!