Gorgeous 10 Walk-in Shower Ideas – The Beauty of the Walk-in Shower Rooms

Are you looking for some walk-in shower ideas? If you are, then you are in the right place. Here at Kudos House, we have gathered some of the best that you can find.

There are some significant advantages to walk in showers. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also practical too. One of the most significant benefits is that they have such easy access. This fact makes them ideal for anyone who has any sort of restrictions getting into and out of a bath. However, you certainly do not need a medical reason to want one of these lovely showers in your bathroom.

Walk-in Shower Ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the walk-in showers that we have found.

Doorless Walk-in Shower

Here we have a perfect example of a doorless walk-in shower. It looks like one that has been retrofitted into the bathroom, as there is a step for access. However, it does have massive floor space for you to stand in, a seat and a built-in shelf for your toiletries.

A single ceiling spotlight illuminates the whole of the shower. Just remember to get the correct lights installed when doing this. Always consult an electrician when you are installing electrics, especially around water.


Walk-in Shower Ideas Without Doors

We have kept most of the images here as walk-in showers without doors. That is because the majority of walk-in showers do not need doors. And if they do, they are not likely to be as accessible to everyone due to the need for more significant steps, etc.

This shower is one that has been designed for in a wet room. Wet room walk-in showers have another advantage to the style above. That is that they are easier to clean. When you have a standard floor and drain, you can use things like power washers to help with cleaning. Just be sure that you do not use it on electrical fittings, or use higher pressure on the grout and sealant. You do not want a leak.

Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When you only have a relatively small bathroom, it can be challenging to get a beautiful walk-in shower. However, this next image clearly shows that it is not impossible. It looks like a wet room style shower has replaced the bath. However, this one does have a door. Other than the door and size, it is very similar to the first image. It has built-in alcoves for shelving that you can use for decoration or toiletries.

As this image also shows, it is highly advisable that you use an extractor fan to eliminate condensation.

One thing that I would suggest with this bathroom, however, is the use of more giant mirrors. As you can read about in our mirrors for master bedrooms, post here.

Walk-in Shower Ideas With No Door

Here is another walk-in shower idea with no door. It is clearly much larger than the one above. This double walk-in shower has an almost rustic look and feels to it. It is a lovely twin shower, with hooks on each side of the entry, and even a seated area in the middle of the two shower heads.

Again, there is something that I would suggest for this shower. That is to add some internal lighting. While this may take away from the desired effect a little, I do think that it would add some much-needed brightness to what is otherwise a beautiful shower.

Walk-in Shower Ideas

This next walk-in shower idea is probably the most glamorous one that we have in this article. It appears that the whole house has a light-hearted yet beautiful gothic style looks to it. The mixture between this, almost 13th Century style furniture and fittings has been complemented with the modern, in ceiling spots. I actually think that the combination is lovely.

This particular walk-in shower has made use of the natural shape of the room very well, by allowing a space for hanging a towel or two on the inside of the doorway. The black shower fittings accent the outside of the shower room wonderfully too!

Corner Shower

This is a great idea to use up some space in the corner of the bathroom – convert it into a nice walk-in shower. You can use mostly glass to finish off the front side of the shower to make the bathroom look more spacious.

With this shower, you are not limited to one type of design, and you can do anything from classic to ultra-modern. It is quite easy to make this shower a reality, but you will still need somebody with plumbing expertise to complete the waterworks.

This design will be quite a convenient type of walk-in shower that will add great value to your house.

Glass Enclosed Shower

If you have that extra space in the en-suite bathroom, you can easily just close it off with glass and add the plumbing. This will provide a very nice shower while making use of extra space in the bathroom.

This shower will not cost too much and will not take that much effort, even if you plan to do it yourself. This is basically just an open space that is partitioned with glass, and then you add the tiling to make it look nice.

With this shower, you do not need to worry about color. Most of it consists of glass, which fits in anywhere in the environment.

Glass Walk-in Shower

That space between the bath and the wall can be easily used for something very practical – like a nice walk-in shower. It is the perfect way to make that seamless transition from an open space to a beautiful walk-in shower.

This is all done by just partitioning that wasted space with nice clear glass, and this idea will not make the room look crowded. This provides a nice, airy look and feel to the bathroom and borrows natural light to enhance the effect.

This is ideal for a bathroom in which you can not sacrifice a lot of space but still need a shower.

The Attic Shower

This is another, very clever way to turn some wasted space into something that can be used for your convenience. The nice feature in this shower is the natural light that comes through the large window in the roof, but it still provides privacy.

Again, the glass is used as a clever way to convert the space into a walk-in shower, and your imagination is the limit. You are not held back by the decorations that you might want to use, and even a plant inside the shower will improve the looks.

There are no limits with the final design of this walk-in shower, and larger wall tiles might improve the overall aesthetics.

Bathtub And Shower Glass Room

This is quite a unique idea and might be just the right way to go to have that quiet moment in the bathtub or the shower. In this walk-in shower, you have a large tub that is closed off behind a glass wall.

It provides a nice, quiet space that can be used to either take a shower or run a nice, hot bath all in the same space. The glass wall does not take anything away from this setup and still provides a spacious area to shower or bathe.

The rough look of this one can be changed into something smoother and enhanced with soft lighting at the right spot.


As you have been able to see, all of these walk-in shower rooms are beautiful in their own ways. While you may think that space is a big issue to having a lovely shower, that is not the case. As you can see in the third image down from the top, all you need is the space that a bath would have taken. And even less if you can get creative with your ideas.

A couple of takeaway points from this article should be:

Use lighting to your advantage – Dark shower rooms are not as vibrant as a well-lit one

lighting ideas for bathrooms

Maximize the space you have, even if it is by building alcoves for storage instead of shelving.

storage alcoves bathroom

Use mirrors to enhance the appearance of size in a smaller room.

mirrors ideas for walk in shower

I hope that this article has given you some insight and ideas that you can use when you are planning your walk-in shower room. Please let us know if you have any thought, in the comments below!

Walk-in Shower Ideas - The Beauty of the Walk-in Shower Rooms