12 of The Best Foyer Table Ideas – Elegant Entry Tables

Where is the first place that you see when you walk into a house? That’s right, the foyer. Therefore, you need to make a great impression. That is why, here at Kudos House, we have found some of the best foyer table ideas that you can use to turn your entry table into an exquisite eye-catcher.

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Of course, you want to give a great impression when visitors come to your home. Not only will these foyer tables allow you to impress your visitors, but they will also let you show off your personal style right from the get-go. You may think that there are only so many ways in which you can have an entry table. However, you could be wrong. Here we have twelve of the best ideas that you can use to your advantage.

Foyer Entry Table

Here we have a beautiful yet basic foyer entry table. There is not a lot to it; however, it looks stunning. The use of an antique style, well-worn table in contrast to the meticulously decorated interior is a beautiful combination that immediately draws the eyes.

You will also notice that the hallway decor is blue with white accents. However, they have switched it up on the table. Using white china vases with blue accents mean that the color scheme is the same, but still draws attention to the centerpiece.

Also, the slight asymmetry of the foyer table decor gives another reason to take your attention to it. The mirror adds depth to the room while also giving you the practicality of somewhere to allow yourself to get ready for leaving the house or allowing your guests to check themselves when they enter.

Foyer Table and Mirror Set

Mirrors can be more of a feature in home decorating than you may have first thought. We even have an article dedicated to the use of mirrors in a bathroom here. That is why, when you are looking for some decor ideas, you could think about having a foyer table and mirror set.

When they are as a set, it makes them look much more beautiful as a pair. Although there is not a combination of mirror and table on this page that we do not like, this one is clearly matching. This style is excellent when you are looking for a bit of uniformity in your entrance way.

Foyer Table Decor

It is not only the table and surroundings that you have to think about when you are choosing your hallway furniture. One of the primary considerations is the foyer table decor. Having the right decorations on your table can make a drastic improvement.

Take this next image; for example, the dark wood table is complimented beautifully by the white flowers and lampshade. The crackle glass lamp base also gives a scale between the clear glass vase and the white flowers.

Neutral colors work lovely with any hallway decor. However, if neutral is not as bold as you would like, then colors can work just as well. Just remember to try and pick ones that work well with your overall scheme.

Foyer Table

This next foyer table would be ideal for slightly smaller hallways. It has all of the aspects that we have already spoken about: The neutral colors to accent the main feature decor, along with the new feature of filling clear vases with other items to give a different look to the table.

Filling clear vases is a beautiful way to accent any room. Not only will it add any color of your choice, but it also adds depth to the theme that you may want to portray.

Modern Foyer Table

A lot of people are looking for modern foyer tables, and this image shows why. It is stunning. The straight lines, the curves, and the LED lights in the legs all add to the modern look. Modern foyer tables are usually best set out with the minimalist look.

The want for the minimalism is why they have opted to use wall lights with the decor to give the appearance of them being table lamps without taking up space on the actual table. The use of silver and white also provide a clean, elegant feel to the entrance way.

Narrow Foyer Table

When you only have a small hallway, a narrow foyer table may be just what you want. Here is a beautiful example of a blue, shabby chic style foyer table that has the appearance of it being a full-sized table that has been cut down.

Round Foyer Table

If you have a more massive entryway and have a lot of curves in the styling of that hall, then you may want to consider a round foyer table. This table accentuates the curved corner in the ceiling, and also in the light fitting. However, it has been offset by the use of squares, straight lines of picture frames and geometric patterns on the floor runner.

Rustic Foyer Table

If you have a home built in the gothic era, or that is the look that you are trying to achieve, then take a look at this next image. The rustic foyer table looks stunning. If you have some old furniture that you think would look nice, but it is the wrong style, why not try refinishing it. We have an article dedicated to this here.

The style of the decor accentuates the gothic, rustic appearance of this table on the table. However, I do feel like this could be an industrial-style table if you changed the decor to match.

White Foyer Table

White foyer tables will give an air of lightness, and maybe even a country look. I think that it is the country look that has been aimed for in this image. The plain wood staircase and the yellow flowers in the vase and grass in the pot both set that country look off nicely.

Match that with the wicker basket underneath, and you have a country hallway for everyone to enjoy.

Everett Foyer Table Ideas

Everett tables are usually long and narrow, with two hidden drawers with a style that has been inspired by Victorian architecture. Both of these next images of Everett foyer tables look like they have been used in a large hallway. However, they are ideally suited to longer, narrow entryways.

One of the great things about these tables is their length. The amount of space that you have on this type of table will give you a great starting point for any on-table decor that you decide.

Here is a symmetrical style.

Here is an asymmetrical style decor.

Foyer Entry Table

This image of a foyer entry table is a perfect example of how you can use them in a slightly smaller hallway.

Little House of Four


Foyer tables are one of the first things that your visitors will see when they enter your home. Therefore, you will want to make a lasting, great first impression. I hope that this page has helped you get some ideas of how to incorporate a foyer table into that impression. If you have any other ideas of how the Kudos community could use foyer tables or any other home ideas, please leave a comment below!