How to Create an Industrial Style

The industrial style has been invading watch rooms, furniture stores, and decoration boutiques for quite some time now.

I love these pieces of furniture, they carry a story and bring back to life objects that were used by our parents or grandparents. They represent a time when it was necessary to work hard physically and when the “machine” was very important to carry out daily tasks.

Whether you are a flea market enthusiast, looking for objects or furniture that you will enjoy transforming into furniture elements, or whether you prefer to buy newly made from industrial objects, you will find that there are many opportunities to find industrial-style elements on the market.

Long reserved for artists who used to use this concept to furnish and improve the daily routine of their days spent in a loft-studio, industrial style is now part of the interior of many suburban homes. Initially adapted to the limited budget of these same artists, the industrial style as it is now known in retail sales soon became an expense that is no longer always affordable.

Make an inventory of your needs and consider what you already have.

Unless you want to redecorate completely, you will have to work with the existing elements of your furniture that you will keep. Make a list of these, room by room, and then determine which items will need to be replaced. This could be a coffee table, dining room table, chairs, a lamp, hall hooks, etc.

Stick to a theme

Metal, black iron, zinc, sheet steel, iron with a rusty appearance, raw wood, brick, stone … It is important to choose a material and a wood color that, while respecting your taste and your budget, will integrate well with the existing for an industrial style.

Know how to highlight a star element

All stylists and designers will tell you: little is better. To give an element its rightful place, it must be able to be highlighted. If you’ve chosen a coffee table, there’s no need to cover it with objects that will steal the spotlight. The industrial style is a minimalist style.

Translated and adapted by Noobuzz staff

Sources: Canalvie